About Us

Established in 1943. Producing Quality Meats for over 70 years.

A Family Owned, Future Facing Business.

We are Deep Freeze and Fresh Meat Specialists in Beef, Lamb, Pork, Bacon, Sausages and Burgers with our own Abattoir services, catering for your entire Farm to Fork, meat needs.

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our mission

our purpose
Our mission is to protect the inherent, nutritious quality of our meats. Providing consistent quality meat products from sustainable sources, to support our rural communities, human health and nature's ecosystem.

the richness of ireland

natural resources
The richness of our natural resources in Ireland is quite breathtaking: abundant rain, a temperate climate and near organic grass, as we don’t spread any chemical fertiliser on our land on which to graze our healthy livestock. 

Industry Leading Supply Chain Standards

trust in our supply chain
Having our own farm and our own abattoir allows us to give people that essential element of trust at each stage of the supply chain.

From selection to maturation, to end – product refrigeration and presentation, that every consumer requires when they purchase meat today.

The Evolution

Our History

mick & kathleen healy

founder - 1943
Founder Mick Healy first trained to be a Master butcher in Portumna, County Galway in the 1930’s.

He worked for free for 5 years after his mother had paid 5 old Irish pounds to a local butcher for him to train in the profession.

After his training he cycled 26km from Portumna, County Galway to Banagher located on the river Shannon in County Offaly where he opened Healy’s Butcher Shop and Abattoir in 1943 alongside his hardworking and supporting wife Kathleen. 

micheal & Eileen healy

Michael Healy, Mick’s son started working in the business from a young age and took it over at the age of 21.

He has now been the owner of Healy Family Meats for over 40 years.

Him and his wife Eileen's hard working attitude drives ambition and teamwork within the business. 

3rd generation

Ever since 1943, Healy Family Meats have grown considerably, sustaining the confidence of our customers and suppliers in producing quality, nutritious and great-tasting meat.

Today Healy Family Meats involves Michael & Eileen's six children, "the upcoming third generation" who help out with different aspects of the business.

Our Values

Healthy Food
We envisage meat as a valuable source of dietary protein. We strive to source ethically produced and traceable ingredients.
We strive to grow our business in our chosen market. We flourish our employees from within and facilitate them to accomplish their ambitions.
We support one another in achieving our mutual goals. We collaborate with suppliers and customers to benefit consumers and our community.
We are a responsible employer respectful of our employees and local communities. We strive to support sustainability throughout our supply chain. We are a responsible supplier to our customers.

What's important to us?

Our Founder Mick Healy’s entrepreneurial spirit lives on in Healy Family Meats.

We are family-owned and run, which generates an optimistic, open and welcoming working environment. 

Our master butchers value the ideal cut for the perfect serving, through the awareness of how to condition and age meat. They are aware how the art of butchering can produce quality results for our valued customers. 

In a demanding but vibrant environment, our philosophy is to replicate the vision and goals in each staff member of Healy Family Meats.

This carries a strong emphasis on “quality and trust“.

It is only when we, as a unit, have the same values to function as a successful team, that we can share common goals and mutual successes.

Every day we are striving for innovation to become more efficient to produce the highest quality of meat for our customers. We are concentrated on a culture that promotes passion, determination, diversity and inclusion.

We operate with the strictest of standards in relation to animal welfare, food safety and technical quality from farm to fork.

Our production systems use the very latest in modern technology, enabling us to operate advanced slaughter and de-boning processes, which complement the technical requirements of our global customer base.

Our high standards are achieved by constantly assessing and reassessing every aspect of our business. We do this by listening to our customers and our people.

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