Supply Chain

We strive to provide a high quality, sustainable and innovative supply chain.

Steps in Our Supply Chain

Striving for innovation is important to our business culture. From health and nutrition to packaging and product innovation, we are always looking for the next improvement.


We work with Bord Bia Quality Assured beef, sheep and pigs to source the highest quality livestock.

2) Customer focus

The end meat product is designed with consumer trends and quality in mind to meet our valued customer needs.

3) innovation

From health and nutrition to packaging and products, at Healy Family Meats innovation is in the centre of everything we do.


We source livestock based on breed, age, weight and animal grade to produce to client specification.

5) meat processing optimisation

Our meat processing is continually being optimised to reduce waste and create added value meat for our customers.

Our short local supply chain ensures transparency, traceability and trust at each step in the process.
Low food miles equals happier animals therefore better quality meat and lower carbon footprint.
At Healy Family Meats we are committed to a slow nurturing process of all our animals.

Reducing Waste

Our meat production is frequently being optimised to decrease waste and generate added value meat products for our customers.

We implement a ‚ÄėNose to tail‚Äô approach, with as much of the animal as possible being used.

We optimise at each step of our supply chain, from sourcing our own Bord Bia quality assured animals to producing our products for you.

We aspire to reduce packaging waste, through product and packaging innovation to ensure that our process is sustainable and efficient during all steps.

We follow the highest animal welfare standards

Sourced with Integrity

Healy Family Meats is devoted to providing the highest levels of quality and animal welfare.

We work with Bord Bia quality assured cattle, sheep and pigs to source the highest quality, best tasting products for our customers. 

We source livestock based on breed, age, weight and animal grade.

Minimum Wastage

Produced On Order

At Healy Family Meats, our meat is produced to client specification, selecting the best raw material to ensure the exact finished product with minimum waste.

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