The Environment and Us

We are dedicated to working with our supply chain and industry partners to ensure that eco-systems are protected.

We are committed to protecting our environment.

Protection Policies


  • We recognise that without appropriate management, our activities and in particular those of our supply chain have the potential to adversely affect biodiversity and ecosystem services.
  • We believe the value of biodiversity is vast, ecosystems perform the vital function of recycling nutrients and play a vital role in the breakdown and absorption of many pollutants formed by human activities.
  • We are dedicated to working with our supply chain and industry partners to ensure that eco-systems are protected in order that they can continue to deliver benefits for all of us.

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Committed to Reliable Sourcing

Sustainable Sourcing

  • Sustainable sourcing is defined by us as purchasing products and services that take into account environmental, social, ethical and economic aspects over the whole product or service lifecycle which fit our customer needs.
  • Our mission is to provide consistent quality meat from sustainable sources.
  • We want our valued customers to take pleasure in meat that has been sourced reliably.
  • We strive to only do business with suppliers who recognise the nature of the products, materials and services they are supplying, and who are aware of their duty to protect the environment and encourage good dealings with their employees and local communities.
  • We will strive to drive sustainable improvement throughout our supply chain.

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Our Resource Vision

Resource Management

  • Implement innovative technologies to reduce energy usage and improve efficiency, whilst maximising the use of renewable energy and cleaner, greener fuel.
  • Improve water efficiency through management, design improvements, technologies and reuse strategies.
  • Reduce waste and increase recycling rates.
  • Minimise environmental footprint and guarantee compliance with relevant environmental legislation.
  • Reduce the risk of pollution incidents and provide operation improvements to grow our business in a sustainable manner.
  • Our animal travel minimal distances which reduces carbon footprint and help food miles

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