Animal Welfare

We are dedicated to being industry leaders in animal welfare —we use industry leading expertise.

We are devoted to upholding the Five Freedoms:

Freedom from
Hunger & Thirst
freedom from
freedom from
Pain, Injury, Disease
freedom from
Fear & Distress
freedom to
Express Natural Behaviour

The Foundation of our Business

Welfare and Care

At Healy Family Meats animal welfare is the foundation of our business. We are committed in ensuring that our customers can be 100% secure in the integrity of our process. 

We are dedicated to being an industry leader in animal welfare. Our animals on our farm are outdoors for most of the year and the animals we source are from outdoor grassland based farming systems which allows animals to exhibit their natural behaviour and enjoy their preferred forage.

All of our trusted farmers including our own family farm operate on Bord Bia Quality Assured Farms.

We also work with nature to improve efficiencies, reduce carbon footprint and keep up to date with new innovations.

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Committed to improving Health and Welfare

Inspections at Intake

All cattle are inspected at intake by Healy Family Meats abattoir staff and by Department of Agriculture vets.

These intake inspections drive continuous improvement and ensure that we remain committed to improving the health and welfare of each animal in our supply chain.

We work with a small group of Cattle, Sheep and Pig farmers in the local community including our own family run farm to source the highest quality, best tasting products for our valued customers. Animal welfare on our supplier farms and our own farm, is supreme.

By having strong relationships with our suppliers and using expertise in agriculture and animal welfare we can ensure our cattle, sheep and pigs are from the highest quality farms, are sustainable and ultimately we are producing the best products for our valued customers.

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Animal Integrity

Not only does this give our livestock the respect and integrity they deserve, but it also promotes lower pre-mortem glycogen levels and PH balance of stress free animals which makes the carcass more tender and of higher quality.

Our goal is to ensure every animal is relaxed and stress free prior to slaughter.

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Learn More About Our Farm Animals


We have a variety of livestock breeds on our farm which include the following...

piedmontese cattle

Piedmontese beef is proven to be higher in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, while being consistently tender. The preferred choice of most health conscious people, it's unique as it's naturally lower in cholesterol, fat, and calories. The meat is lean without losing the rich, beefy flavour. 


Hereford produce natural marbling which enhances flavour and keeps the meat moist and succulent when cooking.

We believe these cattle breeds produce the best quality tender meat.

Black angus

Black Angus produce natural marbling which enhances flavour and keeps the meat moist and succulent when cooking.

We believe these cattle breeds produce the best quality tender meat.


Landrace Pig

large white york pigs

We source Landrace and Large White York pig breeds from a local farmer in our area to ensure great quality tasting meat. These pig breeds produce lean wonderful tasting meat with less excess fat than other pig breeds and therefore less wastage once they have been slaughtered.


zwartble sheep

We have Zwartble sheep on our farm. We believe these lambs produce a lovely lean meat that has a wonderful sweet flavour.

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