Lamb Cutlets

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Lamb cutlets are a favourite for busy family dinners because they cook so quickly and taste so juicy. They can be grilled, fried or cooked on the BBQ. To prepare, sprinkle with some sea salt and ground black peppercorns. You can also add some thyme and rosemary to the grill or bbq to give a tasty, smokey flavour.

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Simply season, pan fry and serve with a light salad or steamed buttery potatoes. A great cut for quick suppers and last minute meals. Lamb Cutlets, are tender cuts that are best prepared using dry heat. Lamb Cutlets can also be cooked on the grill slathered with rosemary, garlic, and fresh lemon juice.


Nutritional Facts

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100% Lamb

Storage Instructions

Your meat will arrive frozen, see pack for shelf life, each cut of meat is labelled with a use by date.

When your meat arrives simply pop it into your freezer.

When you have selected what meat you would like to eat for the day, thaw items by leaving them on the bottom shelf in your fridge on a plate covered overnight before cooking. Once thawed leave to stand for 20 minutes at room temperature before cooking. 

Remember once thawed use within 2 days.

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Lamb Cutlets

This cut comes from the best end of neck.

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