Roast - Round Steak

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Round Roast is a traditional Irish favourite cut from the ham of beef. Perfect for roasting or cut into steaklets and braised in the oven.

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The best way of preparing round steaks is to tenderize them with a meat mallet and prepare by braising rather than grilling. This cut tastes best marinated and cooked to between medium-rare and medium at 135 F to 145 F.

The flavor is best if you allow the steak to marinate in the refrigerator for at least four hours, so make sure to plan ahead. Round Steak has big, juicy flavor but its texture if not cooked slowly and at a low temperature it can become chewy. It is a lean cut, however, so be careful not to overcook it or you will dry it out.


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100% Beef.

Storage Instructions

Your meat will arrive frozen, see pack for shelf life, each cut of meat is labelled with a use by date.

When your meat arrives simply pop it into your freezer.

When you have selected what meat you would like to eat for the day, thaw items by leaving them on the bottom shelf in your fridge on a plate covered overnight before cooking. Once thawed leave to stand for 20 minutes at room temperature before cooking. 

Remember once thawed use within 2 days.

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Roast - Round Steak

Round Steak is from the rear of the animal. It is a very lean meat and we slice it ready for you to use in dishes such as casseroles.

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